Monday, June 30, 2008

A Quick Heads up Match after the Tennis

I've watching Andy Murray get himself into the quarter finals tonight in what I have to say was a real show of character from the Scot, after that excitement I had to have a quick 5 Euro Virgin heads up match which I lost. It came down to my kqo vs his qts, he hit a ten on the turn and that one was more or less over. Hey never mind I've had a whole bottle of wine tonight so I'm mostly numb to bad beats. In fact that's a good attitude to have in general to the variance of poker. I'll do the running total tommorrow when I'm sober.
Big hello to 'Style' from the Hendon Mob forum who read this blog tonight.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Quickie before Sausages and Bulmers

I played a bit on Full Tilt before going to the barbie, came 4th on a $6 SNG when my pocket jacks ran into pocket queens (I hate jacks), and lost $11 on a 0.5/1.0 limit game where I wasn't playing seriously - (I wonder what makes me throw my money away like that?). I also played a few heads up SNGs on Virgin for 5 Euros. I won three and lost one for a profit of $16.

Profit / (Loss)
Online Cash (273)
Online SNGs 1148
Online Multi tables (65)
Live Cash 821
Live SNGs 0
Live Multi Table tournaments 552
Live 'Pro' tournaments + Satellites (1840)
Home Games 100

Total $443 up

Too Sunny for Poker!

It's a lovely day out there which means my host will declare it too nice to be playing poker at the barbie I'm sure. I may have to settle for getting drunk and eating pink sausages then making a fool of myself (again). I'm going to take some cash and my poker dice just in case....

I saw on the Loose Cannon forum that there's no Friday game now due to an event. Handy they let me know as if I'd gone down there and not got a game again I think I'd have canned the place for good. I'll go to The Empire to play in their 6.30pm turbo event. It really is a turbo - if you hang around waiting for cards you're out quickly after the rebuys finish, still at least it's live action. I'm having my next home game on 22nd July, it's free beer and you're all invited! (I can say that because I'm the only one that reads this blog). I've got a list of about twelve people that like a game. I'll invite the most important ones first as my home made table only fits nine. Check out my LED lights in the picture below...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Some Poker Action on the Horizon

After slogging my guts out at work the last few days I've now got some poker to look forward to. I've got a barbeque to go to on Saturday, and the host says if it rains we'll go inside and play some poker or pool for money. Come on the rain! I will ensure I don't look too keen to play poker as the other guests may think (wrongly) I'm good in some way. I don't want to scare away any new players, especially at this particular barbie because the host has a few quid and I would guess his mates do too. My stories of World Series (non) glory will have to be kept firmly under wraps.

I joined Full Tilt today via Raketherake as I'm missing our American cousins on Party, Pacific, Betfair and Virgin. I tried Pokerstars the other month but wasn't impressed by the graphics or the feel of the site. I must say my favourite site at present is Betfair - The graphics are good and I like the fact I can deposit using Paypal. The only problem is the traffic is low. If the site got an extra 10,000 players it would really be a great site. I also like Party still although I have no rakeback deal there so I'm hoping to use Full Tilt as opposed to Party. I have to work again today then it's the footie tonight so I still wont be able to play.

I'm looking at some live play next week in London. I'm on a course on Wednesday and Friday up there so I think I'll catch the 6pm Empire crapshoot on Wednesday and check out The Loose Cannon fifteen quid tourney on Friday. I'd like to play in the new Loose Cannon league on Thursdays but can't next week due to a football project I run. Just another example of work getting in the way of poker. I'll report on the barbie game (I hope) and the live action next week.

Monday, June 23, 2008

No Poker Today

Wow what a nightmare day, up at 5am on the train by 7am, got to Fulham at 8.30am, a day full of post it notes and roles plays about leadership, finished there at half five, home at 7pm, all with the jet lag from Vegas still making me feel mostly asleep. I've learned that poker and tiredness mix well - If I want to throw money away. With that in mind there will be no poker action for me tonight.
On a side note I've just started to read 'The Biggest Game in Town' by Al Alvarez. I've met Al and Anthony Holden at the Loose Cannon in London a few years back and they were both real gents. It's a shame I didn't have the book for Al to sign then. It's also shameful that I haven't read Al's book before now, it's just that I tend to read strategy books primarily to improve my results. By the way things have gone I may as well read horror stories!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Oh No! Back to work Tomorrow!

This is my last day of rest before going back to work. You'd think my first day would ease me back into it but I have to get up at 6am to get a few trains to Fulham for leadership training, so I'll have black bogies and a headache after that pain in the ass day.
I won a Virgin 11 Euro SNG today for 41 Euros ($64). If only I could earn $64 every hour for eight hours a day, then I could retire. Unfortunately I lost a few heads up matches too...

Profit / (Loss)
Online Cash (261)
Online SNGs 1146
Online Multi tables (65)
Live Cash 821
Live SNGs 0
Live Multi Table tournaments 552
Live 'Pro' tournaments + Satellites (1840)
Home Games 100

Total $453 up

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Back to Reality....

I'm back from the bright lights of Las Vegas and now need to make the money back that I lost. My Vegas record this year is as follows :

No Limit Cash : $300 down
Limit Cash : $146 up
Small Tournaments : $251 down
Big Pro Tournaments : $1500 down
Total : $1905 down

I played cash at Bellagio, PH, Mandalay Bay, Red Rock, Luxor, MGM and Ceasars Palace.
I played tournies at PH, Ceasars, TI and the RIO for the WSOP of course.
I cashed in one Planet Hollywood tournament for $264 and got a bounty in a TI tournament for $50. My no limit cash games were filled with bad beats so I didn't turn a profit in any session there. My limit play was good, although I did fairly poorly at Bellagio at 4/8 and well at 2/4 everywhere else.
I'm now back in sunny Kent suffering from jet lag so not playing any serious poker.

My record today is :
Virgin cash - $9 down
Virgin SNGs - $7 up
Betfair SNG - $11 down

So here are my profits and (losses) divided up into the following sections ;

Online Cash (261)
Online SNGs 1160
Online Multi tables (65)
Live Cash 821

Live SNGs 0
Live Multi Table tournaments 552
Live 'Pro' tournaments + Satellites (1840)
Home Games 100

Total $467 up

Gotta do some ironing now to keep the wife happy....

WSOP Event Cont'd.......

Level 5 23 mins left
A big stack joins the table who I later find out is Eli Berg. He has over 20k. Another one then joins who I later find out is Kevin Saul, a WPT winner for $1.3 million. He has about 20k too, the bugger. Those two are sitting immediately to my right which puts me in a semi awkward position, as I feel that any pot I raise may make them put me to the test by putting me all in. That's ok if I have a really good hand but the cards I've been seeing today haven't been too spectacular.

Level 6, 810 players left, 200/400 (50), $5125 chips
$1100 a round now so I'm looking to jam the pot preflop with a good hand, nothing doing though as I fold, fold and fold again. Down to $4125 now with 38 minutes left until dinner break and 770 players left. I begin to think I may have a Chinese later tonight if I bust out. I'm getting 26 offsuit, 59 offsuit and similar so I'm just paying blinds and antes and losing my 'stack', which consists of about seven chips. In fact I'm happy when I get some change for antes as it looks like my stack is bigger, with loads of green $25 chips.

Level 6, 28mins left, 670 players, $3175 in chips
I don't know whether to hang on and try and get to the dinner break short or push it to either double up or bust. I decide my chip situation is so bad I need to take a stand with any two good cards. The problem is I'm getting absolutely no cards, j2o, 10s, t90, all folded preflop. I make it to the dinner break with $2325 in chips and 570 players left, 300 off the money. I now have 90 minutes to meet the wife, have a bite to eat and compose myself in order to get lucky!

Key Hand 12
Level 7, 1st hand, 565 players left
This is it, I have JQ spades and push all in whilst clenching my buttocks and trying to remember to breathe. I get called by Kevin Saul (the WPT winner) who had 67 of spades. I feel happy that I 've got the flush draw and overs of course. Then the flop comes 8 spades, 9 spades and 5 clubs, giving him and open ended straight flush draw, me a gutshot straigh flush draw, and overards. He hits a 6 on the turn, pairing up and my re draw and a Jack, Queen, ten or spade (17 outs) gives me an ace of diamonds. So that's me out in about 550th place and my World Series dream is over for a year at least.

I really enjoyed the event, I lasted just over six hours and was about 300 short of the money from 2706 players. I wish I'd taken a few more risks in the hands where I had AK and 99, I may then have been a bit closer to the bubble and maybe even cashed. I found myself pretty low on cards but sometimes when you get the cards you bust out so at least I got good value for my money. I will play in the WSOP again but I've got to earn the $1500 back first online to be able to afford to play next year.
At least I got myself on ESPN, I was sitting behind Blair Hinkle waving when he won his bracelet. Here's the link :

Eli Berg to my left knocked Kevin Saul out in a big pot so the WPT winner didn't cash either. Berg got $3140 for his 197th place finish.

Friday, June 20, 2008

WSOP Event Cont'd....

Key Hand 5
Level 3, 17 mins left, 3075 chips
I have Q6 in the SB and complete to the BB who checks. Flop comes Q97, I'm first so I bet 700 as I'd like to take the pot without seeing a turn card. The BB pushes for 2500 total so I assume he doesn't want to see a turn either, and that my 6 kicker is probably beat. I think for a bit and fold. He shows me Q9 for a flopped two pair. Good read by me although it cost me 700 to see where I was at. $2375 left now and not too comfortable with my stack. I need a big hand to push with as the next level brings antes into the equation, I will only have an M of 4 in 13 minutes so I need to get in there with something, not the 26 offsuit I just got dealt though!

Key Hand 6
Late in level 3
Limped in early position with 99, loads more limps then an all in from the button for about 3000. I think for a while and know I should be pushing here but I fold as does everyone else. I think I'm playing a bit weak and turning down races which annoys me secretly.

Key Hand 7
I have 33 in EP and limp again, more limps then then flop comes 752. It gets checked around and I check too. I think maybe I should have pushed here after everyone showing weakness but I don't. A LP player takes the pot on the turn with a large bet which probably meant he had King high or some other high cards. I'm now under 2000 in chips and the antes are just round the corner. I think my desire to go deep is making me play scared poker. I vow to improve and show some guts!

Key Hand 8
Level 4 52 mins left, 100/200 + 25 ante
Oh dear the antes are in, I drop to $1650 then I pick up KT off in late position. I push (or place) all my chips in and am called by a massive stack with 65 suited. The flop brings a ten and the turn another one so I double up to $3625. Phew! From 2706 players there's now 1460 left. The antes really get things moving quickly.

Key Hand 9
Level 4 41 mins left
I have KK in EP and raise to 900. The short stack goes all in for about 500 with a T7 or similar. He doesn't improve a I knock him out and increase my stack to 4500.

Key Hand 10
I have AK off UTG, I raise to 700 in an effort to win the blinds and antes really. I get two callers and the flop comes raggy. The callers know I'm tight and play big cards so I think if I make a standard continuation bet they may have the balls to come over the top and take it away. I check and sure enough one of them bets big and forces me to fold. Again maybe I should have stuck some chips in to see where I was at. Down to $3675 now and getting tired. I had an energey drink a while back which was good at the time but now I feel worse. 22 minutes before the next break so I need to hold it together and try and drag another pot before then.

Key Hand 11
Level 5, 150/300 (25), $2500 left!
The player to my right goes all in for his last 2000 and I call him with AQo. He has K6 and gets his king on the turn but that gives me a straight as TJX fell on the flop. He's out and I have $5600 now which feels much better. Only 960 players left and 270 getting paid, so I begin to feel pretty good! Soon after I have to fold 33 in mid position after a raise and and all in so I'm down to $5125 with 930 players left. The average stack is about $7000 so I'm doing ok.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

WSOP Event 27 Cont'd......

Key Hand 4
Level 3 41 mins left 100/200
I have pocket 8's in the Big blind, I call raise to 600 hoping to hit a set, in hindsight 6/7 times I don't want to see a flop here so I should have re raised I think. Anyway the flop isn't too bad for my 8's - 339 with two diamonds. I check this flop and the raiser bets 1000, I fold thinking he may have a higher pocket pair. Now I'm reading this I'm thinking what was I playing at? The late position raiser was more than likely coming in with A9 - AK, KQ, maybe KJ or any pair. After that flop I'm beating many of his likely hands so I should have raised his 1000 flop bet. The problem was that any raise I make in this position was committing all my chips to this hand so if I'm wrong and he has AA, KK, QQ, JJ,TT, or 99 that's me done. I think a better player would have raised here. Maybe I was playing scared poker here or maybe my instincts were spot on...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

WSOP 2008 Event 27 - $1500 NLHE 14th June 2008, 3000 Starting Chips

Welcome to my blog page - please feel free to advise me on all the donkey plays I make and praise me up for all the world class bluffs I (don't) make. Anyway I'll get this started with my main event, the biggest tournament I've ever entered, the $1500 No Limit Hold Em event at the WSOP 2008.
I've made about $1000 online this year so I had the money to buy into this event. I was going to do some satellites but I did one last year at the Mirage for a WPT side event and got pasted so I didn't bother. I bought in on Saturday 7th June and saw Marcel Luske there entering a 5k event. Had a nice photo with him, he's taller than he looks on TV. From 7th - 14th June I was nervous as hell but kept thinking I'll give it a shot and have a story to tell.

Key Hand 1
Level 2, blinds 50/100, 42 mins left.
I have AKo early position (EP). I raise to 500, one caller from button, flop KJ8 rainbow, Nice. Opponent bets 400, I grab all my chips and lift them to stick them all in. Just as I move forward the 1000 chip slips from my sweaty mitts and my fumbled attempt at pushing turns out to be a call. Schoolboy error! Turn is a blank and opponent says 'Go ahead' as if to entice an all in. Now that gets me thinking has he made a loose call preflop with KJ? I think for a bit then go all in with my last 1200. He calls and shows AJ for a flopped 2nd pair. River no help and I double up to 4650. I'm on the road to glory.

Hand 2
Lvl 2, 34 mins left, 4650 chips
QQ Small Blind (SB). Two limps, I raise to 400, both call. Flop 9,10,5 two spades. I bet 800 and both opponents fold. I wasn't messing around with letting someone draw to a flush. Up to 5250.
I see Phil Helmuth arrive and sitting four tables from me. I get up and take a quick picture of him. He looks grumpy.

Hand 3
Lvl 3 54 mins left, 100/200
AKo, under the gun (UTG) player limps, I raise to 800 from button, aggressive player goes all in for about 2500 more, most of my chips. I think for a bit and decide he has a pair, AK or at best AQ. Not willing to gamble on a 50/50 just yet as I felt there would be a better spot later on. Maybe I should have pushed, maybe I lost my bottle. Wasn't too happy with my play there.
Lvl 3 28 mins left, Phil Helmuth bust out, hohoho I lasted longer than him.