Sunday, April 26, 2009

Junk Mail Revenge + 100BB Straight Flush

One of my bug bears is junk mail, either through the door or in the inbox. Don't get me wrong I know businesses have to advertise, but filling my letterbox or mailbox with crap and trying to sucker me into sending money to Nigeria annoys me. This is what I do;

Junk through the door - I keep it for when one of the junk senders encloses a freepost envelope, they I send as much as I can fit in back to them.

Junk in the Inbox - I put the junk mail emails in a special folder, then when I get a new junk message, I send them the contents of that folder.

Give it a go, it will feel good I promise!


My 100 Big Blind win sounds great until I tell you it was a 0.05 /0.1c table on PKR.

I had JT of spades in the SB and called a 35c raise from UTG+1. The flop was QK of spades and a low heart. The raiser bet 70c, I thought about calling to see what happens on the turn but I knew if another spade came it might kill the action. I pushed all in on the straight flush draw and the raiser insta called with aces. The gorgeous 9 of spades came on the turn to give me the stone cold (second) nuts, and the best hand I've ever had.
I was a bit put out that PKR took $1.99 in rake for that hand, although I did get a free entry into a WSOP side event satellite, which pays $4.5k to the winner. I suppose that's worth the rake. I play that on Sunday, and hope to be telling you about my glorious victory!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Home Game Nightmare

It was one of those nights last night............. I had no cards for hours then when I got a hand it was spectacularly crushed. We've all been there so I wont post the beats. Suffice to say that I was the biggest loser of the night, and I have vowed never to have another home game.
I changed the cash game format from limit to spread limit which made the pots a bit bigger, but last night it just meant I lost more.

On a positive note I start my new job on Monday, the area I'll be working in is much more respectable, and I'm looking forward to new challenges etc. I'm also looking forward to fleecing my new staff at poker and backgammon at lunchtimes.

As an aside, my two favourite free porn sites at the moment are Redtube and Cliphunter, have a bash at them when you get a chance.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Treading Water

I'm winning a few and losing a few online in single tables and heads up games for between $5 and $10. Sometimes I feel as if I'm just going through the motions, but then I remember poker isn't a job, and I'm generating rakeback all the time. I need to get back into the PKR Phase tournaments, as I won $380 in the heads up final phase a month or so back.

I've got a home game Friday where I'm going to introduce the players to spread limit cash hold'em. The tourneys I run are crapshoots at my home games, and I'm usually unlucky. I do better at cash poker at home so upping the ante a bit may increase my profits for the night.

On a side note I'm going for a bit of teeth whitening tonight as I've always wanted a nice smile. I will report later on whether it's worth it..........
Later............ Not too bad! 300 quid later and two hours in the chair and I have noticeably whiter teeth! Not Simon Cowell jobs of course (his cost 20k), but it's an improvement. I'll tell you what though they are a bit sensitive, I need a bit of Sensodyne I think.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Online Poker Paying for my Beer...

I had a fairly successful weekend of online poker making a profit of $47 in these matches ;

- Eight heads up matches from $3 - $11 buy in - Only four wins, $2 loss
- Two $11 double thru matches $11 - 'Won' both for $18 profit
- $4 Phase one tourney - Came 4th so I get another go, $4 loss
- $11 Deep 'n' Steep MTT - Busto in 117th, $11 loss

- $21 double thru - 'Won' for $19 profit
- $6 MTT with 4662 players, bust 617th for $3 profit
- $4 MTT with 180 players, bust in 131st, $4 loss

- $4 heads up - won it for $4 profit
- $7 double thru - won it for $6 profit

Full Tilt
- Four $7 turbo SNGs - One first, one second, one bubble and a 6th for $15 profit.

On PKR, FT and Virgin I get Rakeback so 30% of all fees are kicked back to me. Last month I got about $20 back on PKR which to me is free money, as I made a profit on the tables too. Happy days!

Latest Mrs Scampmanisms
Me - 'Kev has bought two lambs instead of a dog.'
Mrs - 'What, baby lambs?'
Me - '..............yes, baby lambs dear........'

Mrs - 'That horse over there is a fowl'
Me - 'What, a chicken?'
Mrs - 'No, a young horse idiot, a fowl'
Me - 'Foal'
Mrs - 'Yes, fowl, that's what I said'

Profit / (Loss) - Both live and online
Cash - $782
Single Tables - $1768
Multi Tables - $140
Total - $2690

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Are these People Mad?

Dr John Sentamu is behind church leaders who said the decision to play games showed disdain for the religious traditions of Great Britain.
The Archbishop said the games between Aston Villa and Everton, and Manchester City and Fulham should be moved, to make Easter Sunday as important as Christmas Day.
And he said were it not for Christ's resurrection from the cross the clubs involved would not exist - How on earth he can make this link I don't know. He probably doesn't believe in the dinosaurs or evolution, things that the boffins can SCIENTIFICALLY PROVE. Religious rant over with, Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Making The Minimum Wage .. in Somalia

I played in a $6 tourney on Poker stars today. I came 617th from 4600 runners for a grand prize of $9, I worked out this was about a Dollar an hour which I could probably live on in Somalia, I suppose it's a pint of beer in Newcastle. Top prize was $2900 which would have been nice to take to Vegas, next time those 4600 players are in trouble...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Another Cash at the Hairy Crapshoot

Last night I had an urge to play poker with a load of hairy geezers, win some money, have a beer and watch the footy so I went to the Empire for their 6.30pm super turbo £20 re buy. The tournament is mostly push or fold for me, but there are a couple of key hands I'll recount ;

Hand 1
Blinds at 50/100, I have 2200 on the button and raise a limper or two with AdJd.

Flop AA9

Under the gun limper pushes and I insta call. He tables pocket nines for a flopped boat. The turn and river don't help and I'm down to my starting stack of 1000.

Hand 2
Next hand I call a hijack raise with KJo, the flop comes King high and I push when the preflop raiser checks. The sneaky bugger wanted to check raise me, as he called with KT and lost when his kicker was no good. Back up to about 2,300.

I added on and survived to the final table where they were paying top seven. I hate this about poker tournaments, in my book you should get something for getting to the final table, so I always try and make a deal. The hairy, scary lot weren't having any of it last night so I had to clench my arse cheeks and hope I didn't bubble again.

I was short stacked and called a clock on a bloke who took about five minutes to go all in with pocket sevens which I thought was reasonable as the blinds went up every fifteen minutes. I ended up busting in 6th when I picked up A7o on the button with no callers and pushed, only to be called by the big blind with pocket Kings. No miracle ace and I was out of there with £70. Only £30 profit on the night but better than a loss.

In summary I played my usual super tight super aggressive style the pros used to play. I know I need to loosen up and take a few more flops but when I do I seem to over commit and get spanked. The wife is much more aggressive (in every sense) than me and takes great joy in pushing all in with KTo when there's been a raise, an all in and a call, only to see the flop come King, King, Ten....... I just don't get that type of luck.

On a positve note that's my third cash in a row at The Empire, long may it continue.

Monday, April 6, 2009

No Lookie PL Omaha Hi/Lo

I'm a Hold'em player and only a Hold 'em player. A few of my gang have started to expand their poker skills by playing Omaha and other crazy games, so I thought I'd better have a go at learning a few. I dutifully loaded up PKR and had a go at some PLO Hi/Low heads up games for one Dollar a spin. I got my arse handed to me on a a plate several times and was called an idiot by a fourteen year old who'd clearly borrowed Daddies Visa card recently, so I decided to cover up the cards and play position, look at betting patterns, timing tells etc. There is no happy ending to this story - I still lost.