Saturday, May 22, 2010

Getting Back into it

Now that I've got over the Marathon and returned from the hell hole that is Cuba I can concentrate on poker. Who am I kidding? I've got work, wife and decorating to do now, then I'll have studying to do before my next big exam in September (which if I pass means an extra 8k a year). I've come to the conclusion online poker is a young man's game, purely for the fact that when I was a young man I had so much time it was unreal. I used to watch episodes of Star Trek all morning for fuck's sake! Now I haven't got a minute to spare which is rubbish.

I'm making $2 a SNG playing $11 double ups, so if I can pump out 1500 games this year I'll have my flight money for Vegas next year. I can multi table four tables easily, so the way I figure it seven hours of SNGs a week should do it. It would be so good if I could get away with a sneaky game at work, but there's no chance of that.

Anyway back to the ceiling painting....