Thursday, January 29, 2009

Heads Up Secret - Wine!

Six $5 heads up games on PKR - six wins! I'm so lucky tonight it hurts, shame I've had too much wine to be able to see the cards....this is going to hurt in the morning.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shock Win For The Addicks!

Sorry I can't hide my joy at Charlton Athletic FC winning a game. We beat local rivals Crystal Palace 1-0 to log our first win in 19 games last night. We're still rooted to the bottom of the Championship but the only way is up!

And in poker news I played four $7 turbos on FT tonight, got a second($16), two thirds ($11 x 2) and a 5th for a profit of $10 and about 50c rakeback. Any profit will do me.
On a similar note I'm thinking of doing the Chris Ferguson bankroll challenge with SNGs, although I'll start with $100 as opposed to the $0 he started with. I haven't got time to slog it out for days in Freerolls for a 57 cent third prize. I'll check the rules out in the article and post the results on here if I take the plunge. I just hope I can work my roll up to 10k before I'm put in sheltered accommodation.....

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Trouble with Jock...

I intended on playing at The Empire Thursday night but I had a nightmare journey up there, arrived late and lost the desire to play.
I intended on playing at the Loose Cannon on Friday but I got wasted in The Porterhouse in an 11 hour booze fest instead.
I intended on playing at the Loose Cannon on Saturday but had to stay in bed until 5pm because of the aforementioned 11 hour session.

I did manage to get to a home game at a colleague's house last night. On the way the wife ordered me to keep quiet about string bets, verbal declarations, poor dealing, slow rolling etc, etc so I vowed to keep my mouth shut. There were six of us playing and the standard of play was pretty low. We played two tournaments, I won one and the wife won the other for a nice 70 quid profit.

Unfortunately there was a not very drunk gay Jock there who started off loud, got louder and became more and more abusive. The host's two kids were trying to sleep which I think they would have without the Jock screaming every time an ace came on the flop. As well as nearly breaking two chairs by being an arse, calling my wife a fucking dirty bitch more times than I can remember(for no reason) and continually slow rolling he made some classic comments that if he'd made them at my house he would have been thrown out in an instant. The worst one was 'Shut the fuck up you cunts of I'll come up there and ruin you!' - to host's kids calling for their mum. Now I know kids are annoying on a good day, but threatening to ruin their lives by analy raping them because they can't sleep is a bit harsh.

At one stage Jock came round behind me to look at my cards and grabbed me on the waist, to which I had to tell him in no uncertain terms that he should 'get the fuck away from me.'
When it was time to go I couldn't get out of there quick enough, especially as Jock lives not too far away from us and if I'd given him a lift home I'm sure it would have led to me knocking him out. I felt a bit like a cowboy running out of a Saloon with my winnings before getting shot in the back, but run I had to, and I've never been so happy to get away from a poker game in my life.
Still, 70 quid profit though!

Profit / (Loss) - Both live and online
Cash - $631
Single Tables - $1285
Multi Tables - ($846)
Total - $1070

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Let the Comeback begin!

First of all I'm hoping for the Great British Pound to get it's act together and put the Dollar back in it's place. The fuss over Jesse Jackson (aka Barrack Obama) taking office will die off soon and and the people will realise that there is no miracle cure for the financial meltdown.
I haven't got thousands on poker accounts so I can't take advantage of the exchange rate to get some real money in the old bank account. I do like to go to Las Vegas annually however, and this 1.44 exchange rate will mean I lose $2500 Dollars on what usually take over there this year. That's alot of Wendy burgers, room service orders, and Planet Hollywood buy ins that I will have to fund some other way. Come on the Pound wake up and start pushing back!

My poker comeback has started too. I played some $12 Full Tilt SNGs tonight, breaking my bankroll rules I posted a few days ago, won one, came second in one, third in another, bust out of two more, for an overall profit. I will post my P&L after the live sessions this week.

Monday, January 19, 2009

PKR Forum Invitational

Something I like about PKR is they throw in a freeroll every now and then that's actually worth playing in. I'm in one tonight where the starting stack depends on how many times I've posted on the PKR forum. I've not been too active on their forum as I prefer the Hendonmob, so I've got a rock bottom 1000 chips to work with. There are a couple of PKR employees on there as bounties too, which makes it interesting if you can get on their tables.
1st place pays $250 which given my current run of form will be a most welcome boost to my bankroll.

I'm looking forward to a bit of live action this week. I'm due to be playing at The Empire on Thursday, and I'm on a team meeting (drink) in London on Friday where if it isn't going too well I may well slide off to The Loose Cannon. I really hope the Loose Cannon boosts it's player numbers so I can be assured of a game every night, as the venue is fantastic apart from the lack of players.

There's a brand new home game starting up at one of my ex colleague's houses on Saturday. I've heard he's loaded as he has a rich wife, so either I'll have my pants pulled down and be walking home or I'll be coming out with plently of hard earned cash. If all goes well I'll be playing live poker three days in a row for the first time since Las Vegas in June.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Time for a Re Think..

I'm officially on a down swing. I can't seem to bag a win at the moment. My bankroll is shrinking and I can't see anything I can do to turn it around.

I'm playing ok although I think I'm a bit too aggressive. I find myself pushing as opposed to raising because I'm scared I will be drawn out on, then of course someone wakes up with a hand good enough to bust me. I would class myself as tight / mega aggressive. It's clearly not doing it for me so I need to sit back and think about what I'm doing wrong. Curiously enough I see Jimbo is having similar trouble to me although his buy ins are bigger. After reading his blog (Magical Mystery Tour - Link to the right) I see that stress at work may be to blame. That may be a reason that my game is moving in the wrong direction. What's upsetting is there's not much I can do about work, I'm happy to have a job that's fairly secure.

I'm going to drop my buy ins to no more than $5 so if my online accounts are going to be drained at least it'll take a while longer. When my worm starts to turn up I'll raise the stakes and get back into it. Internet poker has definitely got tougher though...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Schoolboy Error in the Bankroll Department

My Pokerstars adventure has begun with a few $10 cooler SNGs, the odd $6 heads up match and a $10 MTT thrown in for good measure. Despite a massive 200,000 players on the site and dreams of shooting fish in an electronic barrel my results have been fairly poor.
I only stuck $75 on the site which I've managed to turn into about $35 in a week or two.

Yes, I hear you all shouting about having 100 buy ins for SNGs and 50 buy ins for MTTs, and this example demonstrates the point well. If I'd put $1000 on the site and was down to $960 there would be no panic at all, I'd be finding my feet on the site, doing a bit of datamining on my regular opponents and looking forward to a rush of results to get me to Vegas in style...... as it is I'm probably going to have to deposit again soon, which doesn't feel good at all for me. The problem is having that $1000 to stick on a poker site in the first place. Maybe I will always be a small fish.........

On New Year's eve I spent the day booking up my next Las Vegas adventure, with a stop over at Niagra Falls to prove to myself I'm not a Vegas addict (who am I kidding?) It's getting expensive to get over to Vegas now on Virgin, but I have a load of airmiles to use so I get a discount. If it gets any dearer I'll have to sell a kidney to fly Premium Economy both ways next year (Maybe the wife will sell one too and we'll go Upper Class).

I'm hoping for some live action this Friday, either at the 'G' in Thanet or The Empire in London. I cashed in third place last time I played at the Empire and should have won it so I'll probably end up there for another hairy crapshoot. You'll see me railing the wife who will be on the final table, I'm the bloke who works out all the deals to even out the payscale.

Profit / (Loss) - Both live and online
Cash - $631
Single Tables - $1290
Multi Tables - ($924)
Total - $997

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pokerstars Career Begins...

I've never been able to get on with Pokerstars, but the sheer number of players on the site and the fact that everybody I've spoken to seems to be on the site, leads me to think there may be some fish left in the world, and they play on Stars. With that in mind I've taken the plunge and downloaded it via (see link to the right).

I'm a bit put out that you don't get rakeback on Stars, as the rakeback I get on PKR and Full Tilt is handy. I suppose they must be making so much money they don't need to bother. I've only put 50 quid on the site at the moment as the exchange rate is so poor. If I can make a nice profit I'll cash some Dollars out whilst the Pound is so weak.

I'm hoping to get some live poker in this week, probably at the Empire as there's always a game. I will get back down the Loose Cannon this year, and I want to try Gutshot Mk2 (The International), as Jimbo seems to rate it (see blog list).