Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year, New Body

I've decided I'm too fat. If you need proof then watch this Youtube clip of me and my step son on Wii Dance :

I can't be held responsible for my step son's dancing. He shares no genes with me.
Anyway back to business, I'm off drink now for another two weeks, and I have to say I'm feeling better. I do less when I'm on the booze, as when I have my first drink in the evening I do nothing afterwards. Nothing productive anyway. I'm not saying I'm off booze permanently as I like a beer and will drink till I die. I'm just cutting it out until I drop half a stone etc...

My new PC is on it's way, and I've discovered a new addiction that costs me less than poker - Eve Online. I know MMORPGs are for 13 year olds in between wanks, but I like a space game and this is a great escape for me. I plan to play a bit of Eve whilst I'm waiting for a hand in my MTTs this year, either that or waiting to stream in a good Cliphunter file.....

I've played a few SNGs but lost every one. I deserved to lose as I was just messing around really. Party put $50 on my account for nothing which is nice. PKR needs to do a bit of that I think.

I may get up to the Empire Saturday if the trains are OK. Maybe I'll make a call first to see if they've got a crapshoot on. I will report if I go.

Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Results

It looks as if I'll be slightly down at poker in 2009. I've not had a bad run mind you. I went to Niagara and Vegas and played in a load of small tournaments, played cash poker at the Bellagio and Mirage, and played a fair few online tournies. Despite being a grinder I'm not making any money at poker anymore. For me the point of being a grinder is making a small profit, not a small loss.
This year I'm definitely going to make a poker profit again, and enjoy it in the process. I've put the final year's figures below with a few stats thrown in:

Net Win $242
# of Tourns Played 963
Win Rate ($/Tourn) $0
%ROI 4%
Amount Wagered $6,438
Gross Win $6,680
1st 42%
2nd 25%
3rd 4%
Money Finish 52%
Max Money Streak 10
Out of Money 48%
Max Lose Streak 7
Biggest Downswing $223

Cash Games
Net Win ($466)
Win Rate ($/hr) -$8.87
Hours Played 53
Hands Played 2,832
Net Win (BB) 323
Win Rate (BB/hr) 6.1
Win Rate (BB/100) 11.4
St. Dev. (BB per session) 25.9
Max Downswing ($) $747
Max Downswing (BB) 109
Average Session Length (hr) 0.9

Net Win ($48)
# of Tourns Played 111
Win Rate ($/Tourn) ($0)
%ROI -2%
Amount Wagered $2,213
Gross Win $2,165
Tourneys Won 3
Final Tables 30
Money Finish 22%
1st Quartile 32%
2nd Quartile 23%
3rd Quartile 23%
4th Quartile 17%
Biggest Downswing $1,285