Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mission Failure at The Empire

I actually got to the Empire today only to find their 80 man 2.30pm tourney is now a 60 man affair, so I was put on an alternate's list at number 15. Waiting for 15 people to drop out of a rebuy tournament is not my idea of fun, so I won 30 quid at Roulette and got the fast train home. What a colossal waste of time. Next time I'll get there mega early or book a seat on the phone. Looks like I'll be playing a bit of Party tonight as I'm in the mood...

P.S. It wasn't all bad news, I saw Jason Manford in Leicester Square. All I could say was 'Oh look there's that comedian bloke.' He was impressed I could tell.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Slowly Getting Back into it

I had most of January off beer and feel much better for it. I've lost 7lbs and don't have a hangover every day now. I love a drink and will never stop, but I was drinking too much last year.

I got my new system and am loving the 24" monitor. I've been playing $11 double ups on Party as they gave me some more free wonga, but I've not multi tabled large just yet. I've made about a ton so far at about 20% ROI, which is so much better than last year.

I hate to admit it but my poker has taken a back seat to gaming. I've been playing Eve Online every day, and I got Dirt 2 with my graphics card so I've been on that. I've even ordered a steering wheel, sad git. The thing about PCs is in a year's time I wont be able to play the latest games at top graphics, so I might as well hit it hard while I can. Oh, I've also been on Fallout 3 but haven't really done it justice due to lack of time off Eve.

Live poker has been on hold for a load of reasons. I intend to get up to the Empire this Saturday for their 2.30 rebuy, although the £33 freezeout at the International looks tempting.
I'll do my P&L figures soon when I've got some more action under my belt. Now back to blasting bad guys...