Monday, September 29, 2008

Poker Whilst Off Sick

Dissapointingly I'm still off sick after my bike accident. I'm limping with the pain in my swollen leg which prevents me from going back to work. This has gone on over a week now which really frustrates me, as I'm so busy at work and there are people relying on me for certain things, which adds to my frustration.

I've been managing to play some poker but haven't exactly set the table alight with my play. I've mostly played on Full Tilt low level ring games to grind out some Rakeback and the sign up bonus, and on Virgin heads up games. I've also been playing on the fabulous PKR, which has got a load more players now and some good tournament formats. I'm on a six max $5.50 MTT at the moment where 270 players entered. I'm down to the last 20 or so and have just doubled up to about 50k, which is 2nd in chips. Come on!!!!

Update -- Now on final table still 2nd in chips!

Update -- I came 3rd for $135 when my mid pair lost out to a flush draw on the river. I got it in as a favourite and was 80% by the turn. Not bad for three hour's entertainment, and it makes me a winning player at online multi tables! The only way is up!

Profit / (Loss)
Online Cash (255)
Online SNGs 1394
Online Multi tables 21
Live Cash 821
Live Multi Table tournaments & SNGs 266
Live 'Pro' tournaments + Satellites (1840)
Home Games 138

Total $545 up

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hitler's View on the Reading 'Goal'

Wow, I've just watched the Reading goal at the weekend. I've never seen anything like it in football in 36 years. Check out Hilter's view on the debacle :

And the poker stalemate continues :

Profit / (Loss)
Online Cash (266)
Online SNGs 1413
Online Multi tables (114)
Live Cash 821
Live Multi Table tournaments & SNGs 412
Live 'Pro' tournaments + Satellites (1840)
Home Games 138
Total $564 up

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Two Sides of the NHS

Since my nasty bike accident on Thursday I've been off work and playing a bit of online poker on Full Tilt to grind out my bonus. I've been on the low limit cash tables and made a small profit. In the last few days I've been itching to get back to work as I know my lads depend on me to an extent and there's loads of stuff that will just wait until I get back. This makes me realise that the life of a full time online poker player could become a bit boring. Yes it would be great to make a load of cash but it may become a bit of a grind, especially during the downswings. I'll stick to what I'm doing now, working and playing socially and as a hobby, hoping to be able to step up a few levels and keep a bankroll going.

Anyway to the title of this article. On Thursday I went to A&E and got a first class service, very quick, caring and professional. I got told to go and see my GP today so he could check out the gash on my elbow to see if I needed a skin graft. The GP confirmed it was healing ok but looked dazed and confused when the wound needed re dressing. He started mumbling that the nurse only works mornings and put the old, bloody dressing back on the wound! Not very professional I think. After a bit of prompting he gave me some dressings for me to put on at home which I suppose helps, but could he not bear to stoop as low as sticking a bandage on for me there?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Crash Bang Wallop!

I was up early and ready for a busy day at work - I was all set for a meeting to heap praise on the guys who've helped me fund my job for the last few years. I got on my mountain bike and started my 13 mile ride to work in the sunshine. I got about a mile away from my house when the chain I had booked in to fix today broke and I was sent crashing to the ground in a 16 stone heap of flesh and bone. Now usually when I come off my bike I get up quickly so as not to get run over by commuters who are in a hurry, but today it hurt too much to go anywhere. After a few cars changed lanes to get past me and get on with their important lives a man in a white van and some other lovely concerned folks stopped to help. Someone always helps eventually, which restores my faith in humanity somewhat.
I asked that an ambulance be called and a paramedic in a mini van was there in a minute or so fortunately. By that time I'd recovered enough to get myself off the road and onto the grass verge. My left leg, elbow, hip and chest were all swollen and throbbing so I got myself off to the horse-pital where they very proffessionally and quickly X-rayed and patched me up. My head wasn't split as I always wear a good helmet. At least I got that right. I've got a chronic dead leg and some skin missing from my elbow and hip that may need a graft.

So there you go - I've learned a few things today :

1. When your bike chain or gears are dodgy and you know about it for three weeks don't put off getting them fixed. Not even for a day.
2. Always wear a bike helmet.
3. The public can be selfish arseholes.
4. The public can be really helpful and kind.
5. Paramedics that are nearby are great.
6. A quiet Emergency Room is great.
7. The NHS are great.

I must be ill as I don't feel like playing poker! The good news on a poker front is that I'm up to over $1400 on my SNG chart, only $74 to get through the downswing. I've been reading about Dungbettle's exploits on his blog (see link to the right) and am really missing the Loose Cannon. As soon as I'm better I'm off down there. I'm also going to check out the new International Club(Gutshot 2) and I'm getting back down to Thanet to get some money off those cheating locals.

Anyway that's me feeling sorry for myself over with, I might have a quick heads up....

Monday, September 8, 2008

Enforced Rest my Arse

I'm back on the online poker again of course. I'm at the bottom of my downswing now so the only way is up, baby! (someone should write a song like that). Is online poker as addictive as drugs, drink, smoking and curry? You're damm right it is! (not that I take drugs that are illegal)
If someone said to me I had to give up poker or going to the pub I don't know what I'd do. I guess that makes me an addict then.
I've played a few heads up games and the odd cooler on Virgin, won a few, lost a few, and I'm over $1300 again on the online SNG section of my records. Lets hope that $218 downswing was my biggest ever eh....

Saturday, September 6, 2008

An Enforced Rest

It's downswing time again! My live downswing is more of a habit now so I'm used to losing there, however it seems as if the poker Gods have been kicking me in the nuts for the last few weeks online. I've managed to lose over $200 online playing $11 and $6 heads up, cooler, nine handed and ten handed games. I won't go through the beats here, you know what they will be (runner runner flushes, set over sets, three outers etc etc etc).
With that in mind it came to the point the other day when I had to take a rest from poker. I'm studying for an exam I have next week anyway so a poker rest comes at a good time. Needless to say when I've finished the exam I will be starting my comeback, as if the total profit below goes into negative I will be upset.

Profit / (Loss)
Online Cash (273)
Online SNGs 1386
Online Multi tables (91)
Live Cash 821
Live Multi Table tournaments & SNGs 412
Live 'Pro' tournaments + Satellites (1840)
Home Games 138

Total $553 up