Friday, October 24, 2008

Tilt Cure

I've come up with a good tilt cure, when I'm on Monkey tilt I will power off and paint a water colour. Yes I have gone quite mad. I have been to WHSmith and bought a paint set, a book and some brushes. I had a go at the weekend and found painting a sunset really relaxing. I can see the big names in the live poker world taking it up soon.... just remember where you heard it first!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Poker Player's Cage Fighting Championship

I would pay money to see Helmuth's teeth knocked out, so hey ESPN there's a money maker - Poker Players Cage Fighting Championship!

PPCFC 2008 - Featuring

Helmuth vs Lindgren (Deathmatch)

Matusow vs Peanut man (Judo Rematch)

Coren vs Harman (Bikini Mud Match)

Brunson vs Cloutier (Wheelchair Joust)

Damon vs 'That Spiderman bloke' (Hero Match)

Devilfish vs DeWolfe (The Class War)

Ivey vs Negraneau (Golf Hustler Match)

Channing vs Alvarez (To give the joker a chance)

Any more match ups you guys want before I go to the TV stations with my proposal?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Daily Bonus Grind

I need to keep the thought in my mind that online poker is a hobby that I enjoy. If I thought it as a job I would be earning less than a tea boy in a far Eastern sweat shop. I've been playing the $0.25/$0.50 limit tables on Full Tilt to grind out my bonus in $19.38 portions. I've got two portions so far and have managed to make a (very) small profit on the tables. My hourly rate is about $2, and I've had to put in what seems like days to get as far as I have. Still, it is a hobby and not work, and thank f*** it isn't work as I'd be living in a box.

Changing the subject slightly I managed to get hold of a Wii Fit the other day and I must say I'm impressed. You get Yoga, Muscle workouts, balancing games and aerobic exercises and loads of fun games to play while you're getting fit (in theory). My favourite is the Ski jump where my mate came round and beat my record on his first attempt. He got 275 Metres which if you've got the Wii Fit you'll understand is not to shabby. Whether I'll have the body of an Adonis in a few weeks is doubtful, especially as I'm about to open a nice bottle of Chablis..........

Since I came 3rd in a PKR tourney I've steadily lost there, nearly losing all of the $135 prize. Easy come easy go I suppose! I still love the site though. I'll do my figures after my first glass of that chilled grape juice....may the poker gods smile on your cards....

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The PKR Bug Has Got Me

Yesterday I entered a $6 satellite for the $12.5k PKR open last night. There were 100 players, with 16 getting a seat. I came 16th, as I knew the bubble has been broken and I went all in with AK versus the monster that is KJ. I got a seat and was looking forward to the $3200 1st place in the PKR Open. Out of 443 players I came 243rd when my pair of tens ran into flopped trips and I made my signature 'first to act all in play which can only be called by a hand that beats me.'
Why do I keep making that fishy play???? I've gone out of a load of tournaments recently like that, at the weekend I went out of a tourney with 88 in the hole, 2,6,4 of spades on the board and an opponent who'd flopped the 2nd nut flush. Aaaaarrrrrghhhhhh!

I am liking PKR more and more. The ranking system, forum, PKR stats page and range of tournaments appeals to me. Designing my character reminds me of a role playing game where the better you do the more goodies you unlock. I might get a tattoo soon.......

If you want to give PKR a try click one of the banners above or to the right. There's a 100% sign up bonus that's easy to grab if you decide to play for cash, or you can just practice on the free tables and see what I'm going on about.

On a separate note I'm cooking my world famous Croc Pot Beef Vindaloo today. Here's the recepie ;

Beef Rump
Fresh Chillies
Fresh Corriander
Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper (not the 80's group who sang Push It)
Garam Massala
More Corriander
Tin of choppped tomatoes
Loads of other spices I bought in a set
Hot Curry Powder

Throw it all in the Croc Pot, stir it up and leave for about seven hours. Serve with rice or jacket spud. Beef Vindaloo, done.