Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bonus Bashing and Backgammon

I've been playing loads of $11 double up SNGs on Party trying to grind out a bonus with some success, then a load of failure. I just can't seem to get anything together online anymore. At least it's not my job, just a bit of a release after work.
On the subject of work I'm up about £70 in Backgammon this month. My team are totally addicted to the game after I brought a board in for lunch breaks a few months ago. I lost money the first month, but am making up for it now with win after lovely win. My lot probably think they've been hustled, but I'm no better than them in general. The difference is I'll buy books and practice online, when they just play at lunch time. In the long run I can't lose.

In a poker sense I wish Akenhead lots of luck in the WSOP, I'm gutted it's not on TV or even the web, but that's a sign of the times.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

World Shortage on Computer Chairs

As reported earlier the combined poundage of my wife and I conspired to break my fake leather computer chair the other week, so I've been hunting for a replacement to rest my weary arse on and lose my hard earned cash. I had no idea buying a chair would be so hard. I've been to PC World, M&S, John Lewis and all bloody over the net for a nice black padded computer chair that is not over a ton and and a half. I've come to the conclusion that whatever Chinese sweat shop makes the aforementioned chairs have gone on strike for an extra Dollar a day. I wish I could contact the factory direct and pay Mr Woo a few quid to knock me one up. Until I get one I'm on a hard plastic jobbie, and my arse is numb.

Despite the anal problems the poker results are on the up. I tried desperately to lose a few quid to my mate who's going bankrupt but I couldn't lose a hand against the poor fucker and won forty quid off him last week. Betfair gave me a free $20 to spend on a tourney so I entered a $27 SNG and came second for $67. I intend to get up to the Empire or International soon as I need to get my feet wet in the live arena again.

Current DIY projects ;
Fit Shower and tile en suite
Move my cupboard door
Make Backgammon board from wood
Make big f*kin workbench in the garage as I'm never going to have an Audi TT or Z car again
Look into increasing the size of the vegetable patch (great success in veg this year)

Back to work next week after nine days off, joy...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

All Work, No Play is Over

I earned myself 800 quid extra over the last two weeks which will pay for half my new PC, I'll get the other half next time I get overtime. It's nice to get back to normality, and to celebrate I went to Mad Pat's home game last night. Pat is a good host but a terrible organiser, so I chipped in and helped with the blind structure. There were a few reasonably new players there which slowed things down to a snail's pace, but their money is as good as everyone else's so they're welcome.

I'm off down to Warmwell for a few days so it'll be kitchen table poker with the outlaws, and Haven Holiday entertainment nights. I don't know if I take that much fun.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nearly There......

I've got two more 12 hour days left at work then I'm off for a well earned rest down in Dorset, a lovely part of the world. I'll be recovering from working until 4am for two weeks, then I'm off to the pub for loads of beer and sea air, a real man's tonic.
I'll be playing some family five pound sit n' gos which are quite profitable sometimes. I intend to do some painting too if the mood takes me.
These long shifts at work mean we've had a bit more time for Backgammon and I'm pleased to report I'm 50 quid up at present. Payday is 31st October so there's time for a comeback from my lads, although the dice are being kind to me at the moment so I think they'll be shelling out large.
When I get back I've got a bathroom to fit then I'm off up town to play some poker.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Work, Work, Work

That's about it at the moment, I've got an overtime budget for a week or two so the team and I are just hitting it hard. I've managed to get a few backgammon games in at lunchbreak, but apart from that there's no gambling at the moment. It's just get up, work long hours, come home, throw a London Pride down my neck, sleep and do the whole thing again. I'm not complaining though as the money will come in handy for Christmas.