Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

I've got myself a place in the 2009 London Marathon, so I guess my first resolution is to be able to run for more than my current maximum distance of six miles. That six miles was about ten years ago and three stones in weight. By chance it was before I discovered poker too!

I've got about four months to be able to run at least twelve miles - that's a realistic target without killing myself. I intend to run a mile and walk a mile on Marathon day, as I'm not mad.

My poker resolution is to be in profit and enjoy it. I hope to get to Vegas to play in some $100 - 200 events at Ceasars, and make a final table for a healthy score.

That's it. I don't smoke and I'll never stop drinking or being a fatty.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Home Game Action

I had another low level home game last night, eight players of varying abilities and financial situations. With that in mind we had a bit of very low limit cash poker and four five pound double chance tournaments. The double chance made the new players feel as though they get more value for their fiver so it was popular.

I continued my rise to fortune by winning one tourney, coming second in two and 5th in the last one for a profit of 24 quid. The wife made a profit of ten quid and a bit of cash so, despite the fact that one of the guests drunk all my Spitfire, I still came out on top. Wooo!

Profit / (Loss) - Both live and online
Cash - $631
Single Tables - $1315
Multi Tables - ($913)
Total - $1033

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another Empire Hairy One

After last month's debacle I was considering not going back for this ultra fast rebuy. It was looking bad after I'd played pocket tens like a fish and had another rebuy soon after. I doubled up near the break, then needed to hit a ten only on the river to chop a pot that I couldn't win. I hit it and then held on until the final when I went down to half a big blind, picked up aces and went on a major run to take the chip lead with three left.

It was such a crapshoot by that time that I was chip leader with 25k with the blinds at 5k and 10k! I was crippled with with AJo to the monster 63o, all in preflop and of course he flopped a straight. I cashed for 240 quid which, after expenses was 168 in profit for the night. Not too shabby!

Profit / (Loss) - Both live and online
Cash - $631
Single Tables - $1315
Multi Tables - ($966)
Total - $980

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Mildly Profitable Night

I couldn't satellite into any biggish tourneys last night so I played a few coolers on PKR and Virgin. I'm going off Virgin as my results have been average recently, but I'm still loving PKR. The graphics and the setup really suits me. I played two $22 Coolers against tough opponents and 'won' them both for a profit of $36, and I won a couple of 5 Euro Virgin coolers too. I lost some small heads up games and a 3 Euro rebuy so I was only $35 up for the night. Not retirement stuff but any profit is very welcome. I'm hoping to get down the Empire at some point this week for some hairy smelly action.

Profit / (Loss) - Both live and online
Cash - $631
Single Tables - $1315
Multi Tables - ($1320)
Total - $ 626

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Big Online Night Tonight

The wife is out on her Christmas do so I'm going for a big tournament night tonight. I intend to play two MTTs on Virgin and PKR, some heads up matches and some SNGs thrown in when(if) I bust out. I'm simplifying my profit/loss record as I'm too lazy to update it all the time.

Profit / (Loss) - Both live and online
Cash - $631
Single Tables - $1274
Multi Tables - ($1314)
Total - $ 591