Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Success at Memory Loss Towers

A great day at the towers...
I was on seven points on 28's so looking for a cheeky 'A' grade to drop to 21's. I've been working so hard since the last appearance my head has been spinning. This is what's going on at the moment;
1. Grief at work which will probably go on for two years and give me a 50/50 chance of getting sacked.
2. Appearance today for the drop.
3. Taxi lesson yesterday, taxi driving test next week.
4. Motorbike course week after next.

So to my appearance. I was called in about half an hour late by Mr Hall. He spoke a few kind words before the appearance which really put me at ease. What a gent that man is.
The runs I had were ;
Prendergast School - Horniman's SDOL
Thomas Tallis School - Plumstead Taxi Rank
Deptford Police Station - Hither Green Railway Station
Plumstead Cemetery - Chis N' Sid Grammar School

I ran the runs well and sat back holding my breath, knowing I'd done enough for a good score. What I wasn't ready for was Mr Hall saying 'That's one of the best appearances I've witnessed in three years, you got a double A.' What a great feeling, 19 points on 28's. I'd put in so much work for a good score, even missing Britain's Got Talent last night to keep studying (I know, I know I'm so committed..)
My next appearance is 18th July so 48 days to wait for a 21, but I'm not complaining at all. The sooner that comes round the better, I just want to push on.
Back to the maps tommorrow after a whole bottle of Chablis tonight, it won't touch the sides!!

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