Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Game has Changed..

'Unfortunate work circumstances have dictated that I look at alternative incomes' - That's the official version and I'm sticking to it. The details of what's been happening over the last year will become clear in time, but I can't talk about it here as the circumstances I mention are still being resolved.

With that going on the poker dreams have to wait and I need to think about keeping my house if I get the sack. When all this blew up in June 2010 I decided to do the Sector three Knowledge of London yellow badge to find a way to earn a reasonable wage to stay afloat. Nearly a year later I'm on 7 points on 28's after a very respectable AA on 56's, a C and a B on 28's.

I'm hoping to get an A on my next appearance in May then get my yellow badge in December. The plan then is to apply to start my green badge, and that's when I'll blog my progress on here to keep me sane and record the madness of London life. I'll also fully explain the scoring system I mentioned above for those who aren't aware.
Anyway I'm headed to the big smoke now to meet up with my pops for a beer or two..

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